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Embark on a transformative journey towards a better way of life. Whether you're seeking professional or personal change, grab the first step with Yuuma today and experience immediate results.


Take a Maverick Approach
To You

Bolster Your Strengths, Identify Obstacles, Unleash your Unique Super Powers & Thrive

Uncover and break free from limiting patterns and behaviors that hinder your progress. Sandy Wright, M.A. PCC, is a highly regarded coaching professional dedicated to being your partner to get the life and work you want.  With expert guidance and proactive coaching, you'll soon achieve shifts and levels of success you never thought possible.

Emotional intelligence, mindset shifts, mental fitness and overall wellness are fueled by curiosity, self awareness and strengths building to ignite new approaches to challenges, opportunities and choices.  You guide where you want to go and how you'll get there. Your coach supports you by exploring insights, providing tools and helping you craft a plan to achieve your goals.

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By exploring mindfulness, personal and professional wellness and other life changing strategies, each person designs his/her/their own plan to achieve goals, sustain positive change and grow.  Although it is an individual approach, it can transform a boss into a leader worth following, a manager into an influencer, This combination of skill/habit development can transform teams into cohorts and increase productivity and impact.

As an individual, life becomes sweeter even in the midst of challenges and chaos. When we are stretched so many ways, juggling all that life brings to us, creating a safe space inside that strengthens our ability to not only cope, but thrive, is essential.

Client Experiences

Explore testimonials from past clients and witness how Yuuma has played a pivotal role in transforming their lives. Just as they found the support they needed, you too can embark on a journey of personal and professional growth. Book your initial conversation today.

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I have changed so much with Sandy's coaching that it is hard to remember how I felt the first day we chatted one year ago. I was in a completely different headspace than I am today -- and for that I have her steady, empathetic, and empowering coaching to thank. It happens almost without you knowing it -- her patient listening, clear analysis, gentle encouragement and challenging help you "live along one day into the answer" (to quote Ranier Maria Rilke), and it has been a truly enjoyable journey. She helped me uncover and establish a solid foundation, with which I feel infinitely more equipped to tackle management and leadership challenges that may arise in the future. This in turn has given me a more positive and confident outlook on my career, and I feel that there is no way I would have grown this much both personally and professionally, without Sandy in my corner.  Stephanie, HP

Sandy has the unique ability to facilitate diverse groups and assist them in problem-solving, developing a vision and reaching a common goal. She understands how  organizations operate and skillfully develops leadership, teamwork and commitment from others. She is an excellent trainer, teacher and visionary leader.” Tracey Redmon Lyall, MSW, LSW, Executive Director, Domestic Violence    Intervention Services, Tulsa, OK
 This short review is for my coach, Sandy Wright: Sandy has been a solid rock I could rely on for inspiration, encouragement, reflection and guidance for over a year now. I can't thank her enough for how she has helped me grow professionally and personally over this time. Her immense expertise, dedication, and guidance were instrumental in transforming me into a more capable and confident person both in my personal and professional dealings. What sets Sandy apart is her ability to tailor her coaching to my individual needs, providing constructive feedback, compelling examples, effective tools and provocations. She is a no nonsense coach and I like that very much as she tells me the good, the bad and the ugly directly without sugar coating. She has helped me get up and breath again when I felt I had been knocked down by reminding me the strength within and by silencing the saboteur in me. She helped me gain my courage and confidence by helping me see things from different angles and different perspectives. She has been a trusted sounding board in advance of some critical meetings or decisions by helping me focus on the bigger picture and address some challenging business interactions calmly and thoughtfully. I can't speak highly enough about my coach, Sandy. She has been a tremendous catalyst for my personal transformation to become a better, and more influential person.     Emine Unlu, Mars/Wrigley
Inspiring words from our clients can speak volumes about the impact of our services. Let their stories ignite your motivation to take the first step towards positive change.

I had the pleasure of working with Sandy for over a year. Simply put, our organization was stuck. We consistently heard employees were unhappy, but leadership struggled to hear their genuine concerns. Employees felt leadership’s decisions weren’t fair or consistent. People felt unheard. Meanwhile, all of this occurred during a pandemic, further complicating our work environment. Then, we found Sandy. First, Sandy listened. She took the time to hear all concerns and issues from employees and leadership. She protected those conversations and assimilated the proper course of action. Sandy is straight-forward, honest, encouraging, energetic and solution oriented. She’s also doesn’t hold back, especially when it comes time for people to recognize with their own issues and own them. If you’re stuck and looking for a wildly talented, wise, fair, and accomplished coach to change your business, stop looking. You found her. This once fractured team is mending, trusting one another, and growing. When things look too complicated, Sandy will help unravel the issues.      Stacey McNeiland, CEO, Care Center, Oklahoma City, OK.

Your Coach

Sandy Wright, M.A. PCC
Leadership, Change/Transition
Wellness, Life Coach


I've been fortunate to travel the world talking with men, women and children from different cultures, mindsets, experiences. Each has taught me the beauty of being open, curious and creative. As a coach, I bring a wide variety of approaches for you to choose and experiment with. The goal is to exceed what you want and need out of life, work/career and relationships. 

As an accountability support, we can, together, ensure you stay on track and keep moving forward, meeting your goals and creating the change you strive for. 

I've spent a lifetime as a CEO, corporate consultant, entrepreneur, nonprofit executive and a human working my way through life's surprises.  As a wife, mom and grandmother, I get the need to juggle effectively....trying to also take care of ourselves in the midst of it.

And, with life and work being a "serious endeavor" at times, using humor and play to expand our thinking and bring us out of our comfort zone into a new way of being and also on the table. 

I'm straightforward, a bit maverick and adventurous. Growing up on the Southside of Chicago and then moving to the South has given me opportunities to work on an inner balance.  Utilizing Mindfulness and other techniques, balance is within reach.  If this fits what you're looking for, I will welcome an opportunity to meet you.

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